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Step 1. Collect your fence measurements.

Start by deciding exactly where you’d like your fence to run. This can be done several ways. A long tape measure such as these is ideal, but in a pinch a standard tape measure with marks made on the ground when the tape measure reaches is maximum will work. Even without a tape measure, a long string or yarn with foot ticks marked by a ruler can work just as well.

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Step 2. Make a sketch

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an artist! Use the measurements collected in Step 1. to make a rough sketch of your desired fence. Be sure to mark the total length of each side, the position of your house, and the position of gates. Refer to the example on this page to get an idea of what your sketch may look like. Don’t worry about drawing the sketch to scale. As long as you clearly mark the dimensions of your fence, we’ll be able to get the idea.

Step 3. Send us your sketch

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Once you finish your sketch, take a picture with your phone and send it to us at estimates@americanaluminumfence.com. You can also use the form below to attach the image. We will email you back in 24 hours or less with an estimate, including how many of each type of fence part you’ll need to order, estimated cost, and estimated shipping.


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